COLOR WOW Color Security Shampoo 1 Litre


The Ultimate Dream Clean for all hair types, ideally-suited for:
1 Color-treated hair
2 Thinning hair
3 Extensions

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Product Description

Most shampoos are loaded with unnecessary additives like silicones, conditioning agents and pearlising agents that have nothing to do with cleansing and do not easily rinse off. Because shampoo is the only product that is massaged into the scalp, it should never contain ingredients that are engineered to stay behind.
These ingredients, that cling to hair and scalp can:
• Dull hair
• Weigh down hair
• Worst of all – build up, clog follicles and impede new hair growth

Color Security Shampoo delivers the ultimate dream clean because it is uniquely formulated without any typical film-forming ingredients that stick to the hair and scalp.

• Sulfate-free formula is gentle as water on the cuticle
• Keeps colour looking first-day fresh because it rinses clean and removes build up
• Unique anti-thinning formula leaves nothing behind to block follicles and impede new hair growth
• Ideal for extensions because it is silicone-free and does not contain conditioners, so it won’t cause bonds to clip
• Keratin safe


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