Uppercut Deluxe Basin Kit



Uppercut Deluxe Basin Kit- Our basin kit was specifically designed to cater for all your needs around the sink. Our premium stainless steel cup is the perfect housing for all your styling and wash accessories. Style your hair with our range of combs and bushes and keep your pegs pearly with our bamboo toothbrush. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Unless you are grooming on the go, (Something made infinitely easier by a number of the Uppercut Deluxe 2016 gifts) then chances are your daily grooming routine starts at the basin.

With this simple fact in mind we were inspired to create the Basin Kit. A simple and stylish way to stash all your daily grooming accessories in once easy to reach Stainless steel cup. When your accessories are looking neat and tidy, then so is your bathroom and we all know that pays dividends with the wife or girlfriend.

Simplicity, style, tidiness and relationship improvement all wrapped into one gift.


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