Wahl 3170-801 No.1-8 Black Plastic Comb in Caddy


For use with Wahl taper clippers, such as; the Super Taper, Taper 2000, Magic Clip and Cordless Super Taper.
The Wahl Hair Cutting Guides is the hair clipping kit that lets you decide how you want to do your hair with 8 different sized hair guides that easily attach to your clippers! Affordably priced and with a handy organiser tray that keeps them in order, the 8 cutting guides come in a great array of sizes:
• No. 1 – 3mm cutting length
• No. 2 – 6mm cutting length
• No. 3 – 9mm cutting length
• No. 4 – 13mm cutting length
• No. 5 – 16mm cutting length
• No. 6 – 19mm cutting length
• No. 7 – 22mm cutting length
• No. 8 – 25mm cutting length

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Suitable for all their greatest clippers, the combs in the Wahl 3170-801 No.1-8 Black Plastic Comb Caddy easily slip on to provide fuss-free and reliable cutting. Made from only their highest quality plastic the combs are designed for intensive long-term use in the very best barbers, making them more than adept for home use. Combs Included: No.1 3mm No.2 6mm No.3 10mm No.4 13mm No.5 16mm No.6 19mm No.7 22mm No. 8 25mm
Why it Works
The combs within the Wahl 3170-801 No.1-8 Black Plastic Comb Caddy fit all of Wahl’s professional clippers including their world famous Super Taper. Every single comb is perfectly produced to ensure the same hair finish for years to come.


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